What We Do

FALCONSULTS has been delivering innovative online and face-to-face capacity building training programmes to organisations and individuals around the world. Together with our network of expert trainers, over 100 training workshops on different topics have been delivered in different sectors.We provide professional and specialized advice in the areas of international education, security, travel and many more.

FALCONSULTS offer academically rigorous and professionally enriching international opportunities, including internships, students’ recruitment, seminars, study tours, cultural exchange programs, and sports; creates and delivers tailor-made trainings based on an organisation’ requirements.

We represent FCV International Football Academy, a UK’s first private football academy, providing football courses alongside academic studies for aspiring footballers who are aged 15 or older.

Our services list include: Students Recruitment, Cultural Exchange Programmes, Trade fairs Promotion, Travel Consultancy, Security and Safety Training, Homeland Security Education, Security Events, Trade Fairs Promotions and many more.